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Who Are We? Your Best Dreams Coming True!

SnatchIt.pk is an online shopping venture established in November 2015 with a vision of creating a more immersive and user-friendly ecommerce experience. Whether you are buying big or small, plain or luxurious, trendy or one-of-a-kind, our mission is to be your favourite one-stop solution for discovering great value and unique selection. From clothes, shoes, accessories and personal grooming kits to home appliances, phones, laptops and gaming gadgets, we have it all!
We strongly believe our success is centered around consumer satisfaction. We meticulously hand-pick extraordinary employees and brands, making sure they are just as passionate as we are about making a tangible impact on the lives of people all over. Our resilience in quality control ensures that only guaranteed genuine and legitimate products by renowned brands such as Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Nokia, Kenwood, Sony, Panasonic, Anker, Braun and Westpoint to name a few, reach the hands of our customers. Branded and unbranded, with and without warranty – our priority is to cater to all needs and ranges of affordability.

Our remarkable growth spurt humbly reminds us of how greatness can be achieved by empowering people. We started at the bottom and now, to date, the highest number of visits Snatchit.pk has had in a day is a staggering figure of 2671, out of which 2498 users made an active effort to explore the site and check out the products. That is a 93.5% success rate of being able to catch people’s interest! Truly, with your constant support and encouragement, we can make up that deficit of 6.5% in no time because for us, the sky is the limit.

We measure our achievements based on the ability of our valued clientele to rely on us unworried for a wholesome shopping experience in the comfort of their homes. This is solely why we offer free, cash on delivery services all over the country, not to mention never-ending deals, bundle packages and special occasion offers. Besides this, Snatchit.pk has been well acclaimed for delivering products that fit the description and specifications of what is shown online on the site – meaning you receive it as you see it!

How to order place an order
How to order place an order